Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.
Orson Welles

Above is an outfit that I chose to wear to a semi-formal event back in the Spring. I chose to go with a monochromatic look because it’s not only simple but has an element of dapper to it as well. When attending a semi-formal event, you never want to underdress or overdress. To prevent this, I went with a tie and a pair of chinos. A tie definitely helps sophisticate any outfit, while the chinos (instead of dress pants) help brought a more casual aspect to the look. Combining the two brought a perfect balance and creates a perfect semi-formal look. Finally, I paired all of my navy blue elements with a pair of beige leather Sperry’s. I went with beige to end the monochrome scheme at the feet. Not only are the shoes extremely comfortable, but they are fun as well and can be worn casually too!

Shirt: H&M

Tie: Topman

Belt: J-Crew

Chinos: Topman

Shoes: Sperry

Let me start off by saying, welcome to my fashion blog!

My name is Mark J. Gonzalez and I am from Ontario, Canada. I am an average 19 year old university student and want to share my fashion sense with other young men across the world. I am not an expert, I am not a designer, and I do not work in the fashion industry. If not any of the above, why did I start a blog?

This blog was created to help young men like myself, feel more comfortable about what they have in their closet or what they could possibly add to their closet. I shop at the same stores you do and I will be posting where I’ve purchased my clothing in each post; this way, you can purchase the same pieces that you see in my photos. To put it simply, I’m just one guy helping another guy out. We are the modern youth.